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Transcript of the “Flash Fiction Plug” video that FAH made for the FlAsH Fiction Contest


Foil: Hey, we’re Foil Arms and Hog, we’re here to announce the flash fiction, eh, competition. It runs all of May.


Arms: First annual?


Foil: First annual.


Arms: Flash fiction.


Foil: Flash fiction, flllash fiction.


Arms: What about Foil Arms and Hog true crime?


Hog: Yeah. Or what about like anything about Foil Arms and Hog like Flash, the Flash. I’m not, uh, big into the flash. This is, what was-


Arms: Is that a cartoon?  I never, I actually don’t, is it Flash Gordon, no? No, or is that something different?


Foil: No, that’s flash, it’s Flash Gordon.


Hog: Naw, the – 


Arms: Is it?


Foil: Isn’t it? It definitely is.


Hog: But the, then there’s Captain Flash, those novels.


Foil: Flash-mer (interrupted)


Arms: And then there’s flash. (Sings) flash dundundun ahaha. 


Hog: Oh yeah, by Queen. 


Arms: By Queen (he says this at the same time as Hog as they both recognize the tune that Arms has just sung.)


Hog: Yeah.  


Foil: Ah, then there’s the cleaning thing, the product. Flash


Arms: Oh, and they probably use that song to sell the products as well, I think they did.


Hog: There’s a lot of topics they can cover in this competition.


Foil: I think it’s because FAH is in the word flash.


Hog: Flahash


Arms: Flalash . . . it’s a bit of a reach, you’re reaching . . . 


Foil: The F big-


Arms: You’re reaching, Agent Finegan.


Foil: The l little, the A big, and then the s.


H: Like an anagram 


Foil: Then the H


Hog: But remove two letters.


Arms: I guess you’ve seen it, have you?


Foil: Yeah (laughs)

Arms: Here we go.


Foil: This is a very long winded of saying, eh long winded way of saying that the competition runs all of May. It can be a short story or poetry. And there’s prizes! They’re decent.


Arms: Can we win?


Foil: Oh, yeah. Are we allowed to enter?


Hog: We can definitely win.  


Foil: (speaks at the same time as Hog) I think we’re allowed to enter.


Hog: (speaking at the same time as Foil) I’m in the group, course, I’m gonna win.


Arms: We have to have a head start.


Hog: Yeah, yeah.


Foil: It’s on!


Hog: They lost! So embarrassing.


Arms: Alright, best of luck.


Foil: We do a doomdah for it?


Arms: Yes!


Hog: Yeah, yeah. 


ALL: Ehh, dooomdaaaah (one of the lads goes quite off key, but they don’t stop singing. Arms leads the lads in saving the doomdah and they all sing) ooohhh-wey! 


Hog: Yikes

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