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I had a year-long correspondence with Foil from June 11, 2020 to June 22, 2021.  During that time, I asked him a lot of questions, typically about FAH’s artistic work, but sometimes also about his own interests, musical and theater training, comedy background and so on. Some of these questions came up again in the FAH Interview I did with them on May 13, 2021, but others have never seen the light of day as they were between me and Foil in our personal conversations over Patreon messaging.  


Foil answered all of my questions and responded to all of my comments with his usual gracious kindness. At points, I would ask whether I might share some of the content in our conversations with subscribers to my site, only.  And he granted me permission to do this with bits and bobs of information throughout the year.  


Code of Honor

I made an explicit promise to Foil that I would not make the material that is on these pages, public on my website.  So, I consider it an honor to have been given permission by him to share this information with my subscribers only.  


In light of this promise, I do expect that subscribers will honor Foil’s permission to me and not share the password or the content of the pages with non-subscribers.   In this way, you will be respecting me and Foil as the owners of this correspondence. 



What I’ve done next is give context for why I asked the questions I did and then I listed them so that they are easy to follow and to reference.  I also listed the months of the year and in some instances the day that I asked him particular questions, if they were in the same month.  I’ve given his answers exactly as he wrote them to me [only inserting a word in brackets if it is needed for clarification.]  Sometimes Foil answered my questions as I listed them and at other times, he answered them as he saw fit, in a more stream of consciousness kind of way.   

Table of Contents

Correspondence with Foil: July 2020 - October 2020

Interview with Foil (via Patreon): January 18, 2021

Conference Paper: Foil Arms and Hog: The Pandemic, Patreon and a Women's Community

Skiddlywup: "Undercover Agent in Africa"

FAH Interview: October 6, 2022

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