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social media Arsenal

Foil Arms and Hog have their own website where you can track their tour dates and find tickets for their live shows, purchase merchandise (when it's available), and download or stream five of their live shows (2014 - 2019).  

They also have a Patreon page that people can subscribe to, pay whatever monthly sum they choose, and receive behind the scenes videos, access to five of their live shows, occasional live Q & A's, tons and tons of bonus material, and a whole host of material that they just feel like throwing up there, most recently we've had an Arms diary entry about how they make sketches!  Definitely support their page! Give back to them for everything they've given us!  

This video won a spot in the top ten list of favorite YouTube videos of 2019.  It came in at #3.  As of this time (March 2023), it is the most watched video on their channel and has garnered 6.2 million views.

Every Thursday, FAH posts a brand new video to their YouTube channel.

They also post the same video to their Facebook page.  

Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on Facebook so that you don't miss any new videos.

There are often very lively comments and discussions on these two social media sites, and followers get an opportunity to receive direct responses from FAH. 

This video is an excellent introduction to FAH's comedy repertoire. Also they give background information about how and why they made certain sketches in 2020.  

Social media is in FAH's blood and they can add to their arsenal of sites, Twitter, Instagram, and most recently TikTok, where they post videos and interact with their fans.

On their Twitter account, they often post different videos, material that they're interested in, and anything else that excites them, including stuff from fans.

On their Instagram account, FAH post lots of wonderful pictures, short clips of their new Thursday videos, and sometimes material from their back catalogue (their FAHrchive). Like all of their social media accounts, followers get a chance to interact with them.

This video is from FAH's 2019 live show, Craicling. It is possible to hear their beautiful voices and harmonies in this song.  The stunner in this sketch is Hog, who holds a note longer than most professional singers can and shows his incredible talent for breath control.  It is truly marvelous.  

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