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FAHnArt Challenge

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

One Piece of Art for Every Day of October 2020

These are all my pieces of art for the Fahnartchallenge that the wonderful fah_sketched and itjes_drawings organized and put together for all the FAHns for the month of October on Instagram. I wrote many of these poems in September before anything started because I knew I would be teaching from mid-September onwards. I worked on the colorings and the musical pieces in October. I really like how many of these pieces came out; I do have some favorites and some that I would be happy to leave behind in the dustbin of art forever.

I challenged myself to have a piece of art to post every single day, and to get the most out of this entire process, I posted at just after midnight on the day the new word came into being. So I was often staying up very late for the sake of art! Scattered in this blog post are the colorings that I did for Day #13 Ireland (blue pigs) and for #25: Art, for which I colored FAH in Celtic letters from a Celtic coloring book. I do really like the way the letters came out. I wrote two modified FAH songs: one to the song Tell Me Why for the word "Thursday" #15 and one for the word "Patreon" #29, that has no title because it is a song I grew up singing in my family.

Some of the poems I wrote originally as haikus but because they didn't fit on my phone screen and I couldn't get them posted to Instagram with the words showing in the order that I originally created the piece (just shows you how bad I am at technology), I ended up changing the poem and I actually like my changes more than the original. This happened quite a few times. For this blog post I wanted to talk about my writing process for each piece and why I wrote what I did, and why I chose certain structures for poems. I've also included an extra bit of writing about food for the "cooking" poem that I did several years ago for another site, and some personal reflections about other subjects to do with FAH.

FAH Haiku

Sketches stretch our minds.

Lingering lines leaving us,

Singing FAH’s praises.

The first poem of the month was for "sketch" and it seems pretty self-explanatory; however, I really struggled to come up with something that would go with the word and I almost didn't do the fahnartchallenge at all because it felt too overwhelming at first. But I really appreciated the support of the organizers and then one day I just started writing! A lot of these early ones came flowing out pretty easily. This first poem also captures what I do with my analyses of FAH's sketches, in terms of picking them apart and stretching my own mind around their comedy art. I am also very conscious of always wanting to be kind and respectful about the way I write my blog posts about their work, so "singing FAH's praises" is something that I care about deeply and feel in my heart is really important. But frankly, it's very easy to do because I do believe they are comedic geniuses!

Ode to the Pandemic & “One Man Play”

A country separates

Us: time zones restrict.

Yet technology connects us as

We Zoom and soon I see

My fahn friends loom.

Faces between spaces and places,

Watching Foil with his blue laces step

Towards Arms who races

Through lines so Hog

Can toss an apple

And grapple with Foil’s paces.

On the stage, FAH presents us with

Staples of comedy,

But wait, no, it’s really dramedy!

This poem was inspired by conversations with two other fahns who both adore FAH's "One Man Play" and who also both asked me to write an analytical essay about it, which I still have to do! But first, I wrote this very fun poem about the pandemic and watching FAH sketches and "One Man Play" with my fahn friends. The line that originally started the poem was "watching Foil with his blue laces step" and I went from there into Arms and then Hog and finished the second section about the play before I went back to add the part about time zones and fahn friends. Of course, I had to get the word "country" in there and I did play around a bit with punctuation so that the word "us" was emphasized at the very beginning. This was to show that despite the fact that we're all scattered around the world, there is still a strong fahn community who connect over our shared interests in FAH!

FAH Haiku

Mannequins abound!

Fashion forward they are not!

But, hey, whatever!

Fashion was like sketch - hard to figure out! This was about all I could muster for this word. However, I like the way it emerged and in its final form I think it's a lot of fun. The haiku really suits a lot of summing up of FAH's sketches - sort of pulling out the essence of what they do in there 2.5 to 3.5 minutes on the screen. And for this poem, I was - of course - inspired hugely by Foil's mannequin character ("Thrift Shop Mannequins") and all the lamenting he does about the awful clothes he's wearing in the charity shop.

Jump Rope Rhyme



Hand brake, Mum!



Let’s edit this one, two, three, four!

This one came to me from simply writing down words that I connected to FAH and to driving. Of course I had already written a blog post about the Driving Instructor sketches, but I thought that this worked because jump rope rhymes require kids to count after they've said the rhymes. I thought it would be fun to reference the sketches and how #2 was edited by Arms to be #4 in the series (please read the blog post footnotes for "Hog's Heartbreak Humor" to discover more about this). It's a simple but effective rhyme.

Talking to Oneself or An Object

Whatever Your Perspective

Modeled very loosely on A. A. Milne’s “Disobedience”

“Please, please, please,” says Arms, begging the car to be,

able to start without a part, and she’ll come ‘round eventually.

“Change, change” says Arms to the traffic light. He’ll pray and

he’ll sigh, staring all night hoping for it to change his life.

An Inanimate object comes alive to declare, “turn left.”

But Arms knows the truth, and says emphatically: “there is no left!”

I adore the Inanimate Object sketch and my favorite parts were Arms's bits, so I focused on those and thought of Milne's wonderful poem "Disobedience." There is a very loose beat to my poem compared to Milne's but it's still a lot of fun. The final stanza actually makes me laugh, and I wrote the poem! The title simply sums up what I feel is going on in FAH's sketch. And finally, I had italicized the word "change" in the second stanza when I posted it to Instagram, but I have exercised my author's right to change this and have instead italicized the word "his" which is what it should have been all along.

FAH Haiku

Shopping with Mum, arg!

Green jacket, giant snot and

Barry laughs off screen.

This haiku worked and didn't need any changing at all. And it fit the phone screen! How could any other reference be used for "shopping" - it has to be Ann and Oisín and the brilliant: "Shopping with Your Parents." By the way, I should say here that there seems to be some confusion in the fahn community about how Ann spells her name, but it is clear in the very first sketch, "Teaching Computers to Parents" that Hog spells Ann without an "e".

Desperate Times

Foil warns us about the nightmare.

A horror, worse than we could ever imagine.

Interminable, treacherous, dangerous, and awful.

Never-ending torture, to the point of utter saturation.

But we don’t listen, we just keep coming back for more.

Lacking common sense or restraint we drag ourselves

Towards another bottle, and more “Christmas Drinks.”

This one I wrote after watching the "Christmas Drinks" sketch - and what I did was summarize the plot of the sketch in a rather poetic way and bring in a twist with the idea that Foil is talking directly to "us" but in fact the sketch is all about his character lamenting the amount of drinking around the holidays. And then I added a title and voila! There was a poem.

The Outro: A Poem

Their singing brings together three voices

Tuning naturally with one another,

Settling into a resolve of harmony.

The doomdah envelopes space,

Bringing swooning sounds

And cocooning our hearts,

So that we listen,

Communing in real time.

This one I did work on quite a bit. It was not easy to find a way to talk about doomdah poetically at all. So I struggled with this one until it worked for me. There were several versions of this poem before I came up with the final one. I really wanted to try to capture the sound of FAH singing the doomdah and so I thought about words that sounded round: cocooning and communing and swooning were good ones to use, so that there was an "ooo" sound after I mention "doomdah." But then I had to go back and set up the premise for the doomdah in the first place. Up until the very last moment of posting this poem to Instagram, I struggled about the word "with" and wondered if the word should be "to" - so that the line might read "Tuning naturally to one another" - just one word changes the entire sensibility and meaning of what is happening in the moment that the lads are singing. But I finally decided to leave it as it is now because "with" implies a sense of community that I think is what the doomdah is all about for us and for them.

FAH Haiku

Oisín! “Clean as you

Go!” says Mum, all helpful like.

Oh family! Sigh.

This was also not an easy one to do. But it was another haiku. It is not one of my favorites. It could easily go into the art dustbin. What I don't like about it is that I couldn't fit "clean as you go" on to one line and so the haiku is chopped up, which is really not how a haiku is supposed to be written at all. I've bent the rules a bit here and that bothers me. So definitely this could be tossed because it doesn't quite "fit the brief" as Hog says.

An Ode to Arms

The keening tenor at the border.

We hear hope in his lockdown song.

Halleluiah! we cry, for the

18th Century composer . . . and Mozart.

Vocals like soothing dreams.

Reaching higher than the stars,

To sing and make that righteous sound,

We listen just because . . . it’s beautiful.

His music brings us peace and joy.

Laughing at keyboards and clickbait,

The trumpet rises in the air; we await

The Irish farmer crooning and . . . La Bullshat.

I really wanted to write something about Arms's musical abilities and this seemed the perfect way to do it. This one was pretty easy to write and, honestly, I could have continued but didn't want to make it too long. The middle stanza was originally the first one, but that wasn't really working so I played around with different language, images, and sketches. I tried to capture what I feel is Arms's essence as a musician and to show honor, respect, and kindness for his art. It is an "ode" after all, so I think this fits the bill perfectly. In 12 lines (here it is 13, but the original was one less), I referenced 9 sketches that Arms has been in either singing or tied to some aspect of music. There are three fabulous La Bullshat pieces on Patreon; take your pick for any one of these to reference the last line of my Ode to Arms.

The Wig Kings

In the land of Comedy

there lived three wig kings

who had special powers, which

they used to bring laughter to the

people in their kingdom. They were kind,

open-hearted, generous rulers and

everyone adored and admired them.

To the wig kings, all manner of wigs served

a great and hopeful purpose, and that was

to make dreams come true. They believed

that wigs changed lives, and so they lived

by the motto: “get wiggy with it.” And thus

they ensured that everyone lived happily ever after.

This one, surprisingly, came very quickly and easily once I had decided on a path for "wig", which initially caused me some pain as a writer. But once I was off and running it came along and then I got that great line at the very end, which came to me in a creative flash and that was that - it was all over and there was the poem. This poem makes me quite happy and I love the "get wiggy with it" - this line made me laugh and I figured if I, as the poem's creator laughed, then others would too.

FAH Animals:

Few and Far Between

Hog holds a fish,

and he’s very proud.

Mandy’s owner

is very loud.

Those two dachshunds

are not at all cowed.

The horses, both real and imagined

are allowed . . . in the sketches.

FAH Animals was one of those poems that didn't "fit" on the screen, so I had to modify it in terms of its structure only, not the content. This was all about the actual animals that showed up in the sketches - there are not many. In fact, I think this is about it for the entire 300+ videos on YouTube. This didn't take too long to write once I figured out that there were so few actual animals in FAH's sketches, and as it is, Mandy isn't even real. The first line I came up with was the one about Hog and then I had to really search for words that rhymed with "proud" - not an easy task to make the rhymes and have everything fit together and work. The best tool in the poet's arsenal, I find, is the ellipses. It is possible to say a lot and get a good pop at the end by using this, so that the rhyme ends but the meaning continues after the ellipses.

The Life of a Prop

The pillow in all its glory

Make dads and flirty men hoary

Selling their creative wares to fahns

We watch as FAH expand

Their waistline to an expanse,

Only later to deflate

Putting the pillow in a straight

Line up against the wall

Hoping that it won’t fall . . . down.

I had nothing going into this October day, so this was one of those last minute poems that just came together on the fly. I think this could go into the art dustbin myself, but it was entirely inspired by a FAH Instagram post (August 14, 2020) and I think that is pretty cool. And of course the word "hoary" is a little different. I wrote the line and then looked up the word to see if I was using it correctly! It means "grayish white" and "old" so it works here. Once again, here's that fabulous ellipses, which allows me to end the poem on a rhyme while still wrapping up the actual "story" of the pillow.

FAH Version: Tell Me Why

Tell me why we’re on cloud nine

Tell me why there is a storyline

Tell me why the fahns are so true

And I will tell you why Thursday is for you.

Because FAH keeps us on cloud nine

Because FAH keeps a storyline

Because FAH keeps the fahns so true

Because FAH keeps Thursday just for you.

I decided that I was going to really challenge myself and do a song, a la FAH's Go Down to the River to Pray, which is the song they use for the Lanyard Guy sketch. This is called Tell Me Why and it is really a beautiful song. It took me about 30 tries (I am not exaggerating) recording over and over again to get the one version that I really liked enough to post on Instagram. I am a shy singer at heart. I do fine when I'm in a choir, singing with a group, but I never sing in front of people - except pieces like Happy Birthday. But I never sing a full piece by myself. I felt it was very brave to record my voice a cappella and even when I had moments of not wanting to put my voice out to the public I just tried to believe in myself. It really helped talking to a few fahn friends who supported me doing this. I'm happy with how it turned out. I recorded this in QuickTime Player on my MacBook Air, standing up in the spare room of my house. This was not fancy at all. I used a company called Wavve ( to put the piece together and then I uploaded it to Instagram.

Lucky Break


strikes again!

FAH sketch made with

phone at home.

No facemask needed!

Facemask was one of the words that sat around and I had absolutely nothing to put up on Instagram and I thought maybe that I would skip a day, but I had set myself the challenge to not skip so I had to figure this one out, again on the fly. Then FAH did their Ann and Oisín "Isolating with Your Parents" sketch and it came to me after that, so I have FAH to thank for the inspiration for this one at the very last minute! However, this one was originally another haiku, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to fit on the screen - I'm sure someone will come along and tell me how, but I wasn't able to figure it out myself. So if you look at every line, you'll see that it is actually the 5/7/5 syllables of the haiku but just in a different structure.

An Insight

The Good Room


Waterford Crystable,

oh fuck

Glasses are better!

Oh, glasses - this word was so, so hard to think about for a poem. What in the world was I going to do with glasses? I knew I wanted to do something with Waterford Crystable, which were the words that Arms kept messing up in the behind the scenes of the "Rooms in Your House Throw a Party" sketch that was posted on Patreon, but I just didn't know how to move forward from there. This was originally going to be a haiku, but I decided to just make it a short poem. I threw in the profanity because Arms used profanity (this very word) after realizing he was not getting this part of the sketch right and I thought it worked for my poem. I worried about putting up profanity on Instagram and on the FAH, Family Facebook page, but I just went for it and people seemed to like it.

Ode to Foil: The “Big G”

The genius brings his presence to bear upon

A sense of calm and wonder to all round him.

We feel joy in our hearts and resounding glee

When he builds sandcastles in the heavens.

His guitar shapes the stage with movement

And the sound lifts our spirits as he sings,

Deep throated and low in his monk’s garb;

In our laughter we see a little snag-oo.

But still, we declare: my Lord, bring us some

Baby bum cream to usher in a tiny bit of age.

Or as Oisín likes to tell us, just hand me a

Mars ice cream and all will be well.

The genius shines in our eyes as he creates

Multifaceted images of men and women.

Crafting comedy and elevating our moods,

He offers new interpretations of life and light.

Of course, once I had done an Ode to Arms, I knew I had to do an Ode to Foil. But this took me a long, long time to write. In fact, this poem took me longer than any of the other ones over the 31 day period. I really struggled to find Foil's essence as a sketch comedy artist - he is so adaptable and multi-talented! There were so many things that I could say about him and I had to narrow it down into a poetic and adoring Ode! Not an easy task at all. I also didn't want to overshadow Arms's poem by writing too many stanzas; I needed there to be balance between the two. But then I finally cracked it by immersing myself in Patreon videos and out it all came onto the page. Once I finally got there, this was pretty easy to write and I didn't have to change too many words or phrases along the way. And of course I had to get the word "snag-oo" in there, which is Foil's word after all. I decided that calling him the "Big G" (the Big Genius) was totally appropriate too for an Ode and I had already used this in the "Hog's Heartbreak Humor" blog post and I liked it then too. I think this really worked. In 16 lines I have referenced 5 sketches and one Patreon reference.

A Domestic Murder


Foil loves you!

He sees you losing

your leaves,

Too little water

and care.

Now you’re dead

in the corner.

This poem started out as a brief haiku but once again, I couldn't fit it into the screen so it got changed and expanded into what it is here with the quirky title. The line "Too little water and care" came in at the last minute and created a mini story of sorts about the actual murder of the plant, which fits with the sketch perfectly!

Protective Services

Renaissance history?

asks Ann.

Oisín cries, no mum!

That might break

the computer!

This was also a FAH haiku that got modified and expanded to fit the screen. I had all sorts of titles for this. I finally landed on "Child Protective Services" because I wanted to imply that Foil, playing the son character was protecting Ann, his mother, against something in a tongue and cheek sort of way, but then I thought maybe people might not understand that or get offended, so I dropped "child" and just left it at Protective Services. The original haiku just had "history? asks Ann" but I loved that Hog references the Renaissance, and I had always wanted to get that into the poem, so when I couldn't get it onto the screen in its original haiku form I was actually very happy because I could turn this use of the word "history" into something more meaningful and interesting.

FAH and Food: A Poem

Such a personal experience is cooking;

Lost in the shuffle of the day, I sometimes like

To sit and simply think before I venture into the

Kitchen and rummage to find something edible.

I realize that there isn’t much, really, but that

Whatever is there, is best enjoyed while watching

Foil Arms and Hog sketches.

This FAH and food poem is actually quite personal, much more so than any of the other material so far. This is something that I actually do in my own kitchen. It is simply a short narrative about how I bring FAH into my life in a more mundane way, I suppose. I've also written about food in narrative form before, so I'm including a link to that piece, which was written way back in 2015, about food from a non-fiction perspective. It is a personal story about my life making one specific dish that I really love. You can make it too because in the story, I share how to do this, along with pictures of the process of making it. I call it Florida Evenings: A Food Memory. This particular food narrative was written and posted on a wonderful website called and is a site devoted to visual storytelling.

A Postal Lament (#22)

Waiting for merchandise is a lonely activity.

Then one day FAH pop up on Facebook to say:

“hi barb your package came back, problem with US post!

Sorry we’ll have to send it again”

And I am crushed because it has been two months.

But I have faith in FAH that my heart will not be broken for too long.

Oh, this is a true lament. And also a true story of what happened to me with the merchandise that I ordered from FAH, which by the way I have still not received and now it has been 10 weeks. Though the update about it is that I finally wrote Mick the Merch Man and he said that he would take care of it and get it out to me, so hopefully it will arrive eventually. I do take heart because something was sent to FAH from some fahns and evidently took over two months to get to them so I can only hope. I believe it was Arms who wrote to me on their Facebook page to tell me the above message. And it is true that my heart is broken, but that I think it will be mended eventually. I just thought I would put all of this down in a poem and there it is!

Update! After 3 months my merch finally arrived out of the blue! This made me very happy.


Arms rocks as Granny!

Booze and crisps make her happy.

Plus, she likes to dance.

This was, once again, a haiku that was changed to make way for the gender switch in the poem. How was I going to show that such a thing was occurring without making the poem unwieldy or clunky with too much language? So I chose a suggestive title and italicized the first part. I think it works exceptionally well and I really didn't have to change much at all. However, for this posting I am putting the poem back in haiku form because I think it reads better.

A Pig Named Logo

In Castlebar there lived a pig named Logo.

It was a strange name for a pig, to be sure,

but he was an unusual pig and had many

exceptional characteristics. First of all, he

was blue and this made him very unique. Next

he had been told that he was an inspiring pig; his

best friends, Foil Arms and Hog named their

comedy shows after him and that made him very

happy. Finally, he became so famous because of his friends

that he even made it on to their posters, which people

all around the world could see and admire. Yes,

he felt he was a very lucky pig, even though he was so


I really adore this little story about the Pig Named Logo. This was very easy to write and was inspired entirely by the questions that I asked during the 3rd Live Q & A with FAH on September 3, 2020, which covered all manner of information concerning their pig logo, including its color, which turns out to be predominantly blue. I really enjoyed putting this together and I absolutely love it. It is one of my favorite pieces from the entire month of writing and producing art.


In my dreams FAH

throw a party.

I’m standing in the

same room with days

of the week,

and I’m happy.

This was another haiku that was not working for me. This time it had nothing to do with the screen. I simply dismantled what I had originally because I hated it, and tried to draw out the essence of what "throw" meant to me in relation to FAH's many sketches about parties. I decided to stick with one of my absolute favorites: Days of the Week. I adore Months of the Year as well, but there is something about the Days sketch that I find I can watch over and over again and still get something out of it. And I like the "in my dreams" because I have never seen FAH live and probably won't see them live for a long time to come. I came up with this one quite late at night and then that was it - I posted it and it was out in the world for mass consumption!

“It’s Contagious”

At its heart wordplay

is most comical when,

The words crawl in and the

words crawl out.

And the words play

pinochle on your snout.

Did you ever think as

the herds of words go by

That you would be the next to . . .

die laughing.

I wrote this particular poem at 2:00 am. Wordplay was one of the absolute hardest words for me to to figure out - even harder than facemask and that was difficult; I almost skipped this day, but then rallied at the last minute and came up with this merging of a children's song and a FAH sketch about dying of laughter. The title is a direct quote from Foil in this particular sketch. I actually like how the poem turned out, but because the song is so unknown outside of the US, I don't think many European fahns really got it. It could easily be thrown in the art dustbin, but I think it's quirky enough to save.

Ode to Hog: The King of Comedy

The king of comedy is our hero and presents us with

A quest to embrace his art; he helps us find humor

In the land of wonders and on the shores of laughter.

He shows us insights into the human heart of a child

Who dances across the stage, or builds a sand radio,

which drifts away on the air when we least expect it.

Hear ye! hear ye! the king is sending us news of Bittles,

Full of joy, whimsy and surprise; and Ann who is careful

To instruct his court with all practicality to “clean as you go!”

The king of comedy shouts: it’s the Hog Show!

And he takes us on a comical journey, weaving magical

Delights into his songs and breathing harmonies.

We arrive on our quest to a place where we can barter

For a lockdown haircut with hugs, and still be assured of

The king’s brilliant and awe-inspiring comedy.

Well, of course if Foil and Arms had an Ode, Hog would be getting one too! I decided on the idea of the "king of comedy" because I feel that is Hog's essence; he has such incredible wit and eclectic humor. I also liked the idea of tying the "king" to a quest so that there was a bit of fun adventure to living in Hog's world of comedy. I decided to use the word "news" as an anchor point for Hog's Ode - as if the king was spreading the news of comedy to his loyal subjects - us fahns. It took me a couple of days to think about this and then put it together. It helped a lot that the Hog Show had just happened on Patreon and I was able to watch Hog in action for an entire hour. Then I just sat back and wrote it out.

I tried super hard to get Hog's wonderful character "Kelli" in (this was a Patreon extra), but I couldn't manage it. This made me think about what Arms said about his own writing process when he couldn't get a particular line that he loved into his La Bullshat song (another Patreon extra!) and what that is like for anyone who works hard on their craft. As writers, Arms seemed to be saying, we learn that sometimes certain lines or words just have to go by the wayside to make way for what works in the final piece. In 15 lines I have referenced 6 sketches and one Patreon reference.

Ode to Patreon

I heard FAH sing some songs today

I’ve watched their sketches along the way

And sought out behind the scenes to play

This drew me to Patreon.

They have watch parties and Live Q & A’s

We see La Bullshat and Ann Flanagan.

There I meet some fahns like me

Who create a lovely community.

I decided to do another song for the word "Patreon" because for the life of me I could not figure out how to write a poem about this word! It seemed incredibly hard. So, I put together some lyrics (or a poem!) to a song that I grew up singing. It was written by my Aunt Virginia, my mother's sister, when I was about 5 or 6 years old. She played the guitar and wrote music and this is one of the tunes that she created. I've always loved this song and I tie it entirely to my childhood and my aunt.

Recording this was done on QuickTime Player on my MacBook Air in my walk in closet. This was not the most ideal space, but it was good enough. I did this very quickly. I only had about five recordings and had to pick the best one to publish. And then I ran into an unfortunate "snag-oo" with the technology and had to get a fahn friend to help me figure this out! What a mess! If you listen carefully you'll hear that I have some different words in the recording than are in the poem and that the recording itself cuts off before I finish my final note. This was a bit of a bummer, but it got done!


It is my hope that FAH’s future is long and prosperous,

Filled with many famous moments and frolicking fun times.

Fitting into new forums of familiar functionality in the pandemic,

FAH frame their funny and funky sketches as fierce feelings.

In the near future fahns sit under the floodlights,

Waiting for Foil to favor them with his fabulous

And fantastic comedy; Hog and Arms follow with

Friendliness, creating fellowship and fusion at the Fringe.

This was just a fun one that I put together with the idea that "future" would be great to emphasize with as many "F words" as I could manage to get into a poem and with it also making complete sense. It took me quite a while to come up with this piece. It is not perfect, but I like the way it is sort of a mini-story, and at the same time it is just a lot of fun to say. Plus I managed to get the idea of FAH performing at the Fringe in the near future, which is my hope for them. When I posted this poem to Instagram, I could not get the wonderful title to fit, so no one saw that and I had to restructure the poem itself to fit the page - so here it is as I intended with the proper title and the structure that I love.

FAH Haiku

Santa eats too much!

Holiday cheer sucks, too fat!

January peeved!

And finally, we come to the last day of October with the word "holiday". This was meant to be a classic FAH haiku, but it didn't fit on the screen! I was so upset about that but I modified the structure and posted it anyway. I love this poem and have returned it to its brilliant and original form here; it is written and read as I, the writer, intended. It combines two of FAH's sketches about the holidays: "Getting Out of Shape for Christmas" and "A Party with the Months of the Year." This was super easy to write - it practically wrote itself, as people sometimes say, but it is true in this instance. I like that there is so much meaning in this tiny poem.

So, dear readers, we come to the end of the entire month of October and the wonderful fahnartchallenge, which for me was pretty spectacular. I never thought I would be able to do any of this writing, let alone a piece for every single day of the month. I'm proud of myself for getting it all done and I really like that I was writing every single day. But now that it is all over, I am returning to my other FAH writing: the second novel, FAH and the Case of the Red Ribbon Murders and some more analytical pieces! Thanks for reading this very long, but I hope interesting, blog post about the analysis of my own creative process.

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