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FAH Thursdays: Some Loose Statistics

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

When Did Thursdays Become a Thing?

Recently, I was listening to the Stuart Goldsmith interview from November 25, 2021 with Foil Arms and Hog, which I highly recommend. Goldsmith is a brilliant interviewer and he really asked interesting, thoughtful questions of the lads. One of those questions sparked a discussion about their YouTube life as comedy artists and how YouTube fits into their assessment of their own writing and work as comedians and also the way they think about themselves. "Are they YouTubers?" asked Goldsmith and Foil, especially, said absolutely not. Arms decided that they are "Content Creators" but Foil didn't seem to be too taken with this idea either. And then at one point, he said that they get a sketch out every Thursday and he feels that their work on film is not as good as their work on stage.

I've heard him talk about this in previous interviews and he's always rather dismissive about their work on film and the sketches that they create for YouTube. He's not entirely negative, but he clearly does not value that work as much as the sketches that they create for live shows. I think the difference for him and for the other two lads is in how much time they spend on each medium. Hog explains in the interview with Goldsmith that the stage material "needs to be funnier" to reach the audience in front of them. Whereas, the audience for a filmed sketch is amorphous (my word, not his), but his argument is that if someone likes the video, they'll watch it and share it, but if not, they'll walk away. That's a luxury (we're back to my argument now) of the YouTube audience, but people in a live show must be entertained and engaged constantly or else the lads have nothing to work with as they perform. Of course, it takes them much longer to produce material for a live sketch show than for the "warm blanket of the two minute script" as Arms has so aptly put it. But it is the YouTube sketches that FAH have relied on to draw audiences and to promote their live shows, as well as to gain recognition among people outside of Ireland. So these short sketches are highly worthwhile to the lads' careers and they've been very helpful in spreading the word about FAH's comedy, especially in recent years.

But this interview with Goldsmith and the discussion about YouTube got me thinking: why Thursdays at all? What is it about Thursday that attracted FAH to start billing themselves as having content published every week on this particular day? They're using this as a marketing tool on their YouTube channel (just look at the picture above.) We find their channel and we know that we can count on every single Thursday there being something from FAH. At this point in their careers, fans and followers even talk about how they define their weeks by when FAH publishes their sketch, how they look forward to that day in particular, how they get up in their part of the world at ungodly hours to watch a sketch premier, and then all the discussions that happen afterwards on a Thursday. Poems have been written about Thursdays, and Arms devotes a good portion of his Thursday mornings to responding to the hundreds of comments on their social media platforms after a sketch has been published. Thursdays are etched into our brains as FAH day, in FAHland and in the FAHndom. Thursdays are THE day for us in the week and they matter to every single aspect of FAH's current careers as sketch comedians.

But as I began to think about the "why Thursdays?" question, I also wondered whether this has always been true? Did FAH always publish on Thursday? And the answer is a definitive, no. Now, the caveat here, is that I am not dealing with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok because interviewers (and fans alike) never discuss the views on these social media sites. They might allude to these sites, but they go immediately to YouTube as the defining site and assessment of FAH's popularity concerning viewers and subscribers, so I'm dealing solely with YouTube and the loose statistical material that I've gathered together. I think this is reasonable, considering that YouTube is a platform where people make a name for themselves with their videos and content that they create and post. Moreover, the number of subscribers that a channel garners is a sign of success, and also of the influence on the wider world. For example, when I first found FAH in May of 2020, they had 430K subscribers on YouTube. I didn't even bother looking at the number of followers on their other social media sites, initially. I knew intrinsically that YouTube defined their success. Well, now after starting their own Patreon site, the pandemic (not that it's really over, by any means) and various lockdowns, FAH have 748K subscribers [as of this writing in August 2022] and they are still growing. They have gone back to gigging and that helped their subscribers grow on YouTube as well, but the point is YouTube is still seen as a defining medium through which artists or anyone for that matter, make a name for themselves and stay in the public eye.

So, what did I do? I went to their YouTube channel and I started at the beginning to make a list of sketches that they have published and the dates and DAYS that they've published. This produced some very interesting information about the first seven years of FAH's YouTube use. It seems that it was not until 2016 that FAH stopped publishing anything on different days than Thursday (well, there's one day in 2016 that they publish on a Friday, but that's a little vid from Arms.) If we want to get technical about it, then really it is 2017 when they publish solely on Thursdays. But 2016 is a great place to start with assessing a change in the way they handled YouTube as a medium to draw in viewers who might ultimately come to their live shows and as a way to market their own comedy.

It's true that they set the standard for Thursdays with the very first publication on that day in 2009 with their sketch, "Green Issues," but after that, it's entirely hit and miss until 2016. When examining their history of publication on YouTube it is possible to see that at first FAH just threw up their sketches whenever they felt like it. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the days that they chose. They published during the week and also on the weekends. There was no real consistency and no sense of marketing or plan at all to the sketches that they posted. They published one sketch in 2009, one in 2010, three in 2011, and then in 2012 they got a bit more serious and published 15 sketches, 4 of which landed on a Thursday. In 2013, they got even more serious about creating content for their YouTube channel and they published 32 sketches, 15 of which came out on a Thursday. Since I haven't talked to FAH or asked them about "why Thursdays?" I'm going to surmise that they weren't thinking about YouTube as a marketing tool at this point. But more as a platform to experiment with their comedy, the way they filmed, what they filmed, and how they performed in front of a camera. I think this is a good guess because I've heard Arms talk about these early sketches and what their use was to them as comedians. They spent more time working on their live shows, on basic things like traveling to gigs, and hustling along in their careers in other mediums, such as television (Dan Savage show: 2012 - 14; Jason Byrne show), voice overs, commercials, etc, They clearly didn't see or assess YouTube as a powerful tool for developing or pushing their style of sketch comedy.

And it's not like they grow from year to year in their publications on their YouTube channel. They may have put up 32 sketches in 2013 (15 Thursdays), but in 2014, they published a mere 13 sketches (4 Thursdays), effectively drawing back from social media and becoming much less visible and I would argue, less accessible to a broader audience. Not having more videos during the 2014 year probably affected their careers more than they realize, even now. And I mean that, not in a highly critical way, but in a practical sense of what social media does for a person's longevity in the public eye. If they produce less, people see less and they have less time to plug their shows, show their comedy, and keep people interested in them and their work. They have less time on screen to broaden their audience. Perhaps they realized this because in 2015 they published 33 sketches, 21 of which landed on a Thursday. So, it would seem that they were beginning to recognize the positives in publishing consistently on one day. Or it could have just been easy to do Thursday for many reasons, including scheduling. Often when I've asked FAH about something in their careers or in their planning, they tell me, (and this is mostly Foil), "you would be surprised how little we thought about this!" And yes, that is true, but then as Foil told me back in our year correspondence (on September 14, 2020), "If our motto is "funny first, think later, perhaps Barbara Tilley is the "think later" part!!" - a high compliment, indeed, if I do say so myself, and one that I value and also believe is true.

So, I return to my assessment and analysis (the "think later" part). In 2016, they were really beginning to get on a roll with their YouTube channel and they published 47 sketches, 46 on a Thursday. And behold! Here is their first year when they could definitely use "expect on a Thursday, dear viewers, a sketch from us!" Yet, they still didn't have the kind of pressure from their viewers that they do now, to produce. Can we imagine a Thursday when there is no sketch? We would go insane. We would write to the lads, we would post on social media sites, we would talk to each other in our fahndom community, we would kick up a ruckus on Patreon. There would be no end to the wondering, and pondering, and worry, and even complaints from people across the world: where is that Thursday sketch!!? Are the lads okay!!? Has something happened!!? Well, in 2016, they didn't have that, so they missed weeks without anyone really saying anything at all. I find this very interesting because it denotes, for me, the fact that their fans were not expecting anything on a Thursday, nor did they care. They did not mark the day as particularly awful if FAH didn't post a sketch. FAH clearly didn't have the same pressure on them from people across the world, as they do now. They sometimes talk (in interviews, even the Goldsmith interview) about how hard it was to create something while they were on the road and to get it up on their YouTube channel, but they never discuss how the YouTube channel equates with other career growth or lack thereof.

Foil said (in the Goldsmith interview) that "we're railing naturally against everything that everyone thinks we are, the YouTuber, and we don't, we don't really think of ourselves like . . . we are way, way, way better at stage than we are at film." It's an interesting perspective about themselves and one that I can't agree with, for obvious reasons. I think that they are just as good at film, as they are on the stage (having seen them perform live four times) and I would argue that by doing the film shorts, they are practicing for the stage and I've wondered why they don't see this connection. Goldsmith said they have a "blind spot" about their YouTube channel - in promoting it, using the appropriate hashtags, and titles - and I would agree. Moreover, I think the history of their use of the channel, when looked at in overview, as I have done, shows just how long it took them to recognize the positive uses of their YouTube channel, especially in promoting their careers and their style of comedy and using the marketing tool of the one day, a Thursday, to mark a moment in the week when we can expect them to think about us, their fahns, and to bring us a sketch for our viewing pleasure.

So, let me explain what is below: first, there are the names of sketches, dates and days of their publications on their YouTube channel from 2009 - 2016. I hope it is possible to get a clear view of how they're using their channel and the sporadic and inconsistent publication dates and days. After this, I cite all the sketches from 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 because I saw that even though they're publishing on a Thursday solely during these years, they miss sketch publication days in 2017, 2018, and interestingly, even in 2020. As I argue above, these missed days say a lot about the kinds of pressures that they didn't have during these years from followers, subscribers and fans. They said in a 2019 interview that it was not until 2017 that they started to make any real money in their careers as sketch comedians and I think the consistency of publishing on a Thursday contributed to viewers knowing and understanding that FAH were serious about their work on YouTube. Their followers - they didn't really have a large international fan base until the pandemic and lockdowns across the world that started a couple of months into 2020 - began to understand that they could count on FAH putting out a weekly sketch. And that FAH were thinking not only about their careers, but about their viewers and, ultimately, the people who might support them and come to see them live.

For further context, the first year in their career publishing on YouTube that has 52 sketches on a Thursday is in 2019, the second year is 2021. I'm going to assume that 2022 will follow this pattern. But on the flip side, in terms of marketing their sketches on YouTube, Arms points out in the interview with Goldsmith that they still do not think much about the marketing of their YouTube sketches: Arms: "sometimes the tagging of it, the marketing . . . there's like two minutes thought that's gone into it." Still, I think that the lads were very interested in what Goldsmith was talking about and it would seem that they are doing something right, currently, because their numbers and views and subscribers on YouTube are on the rise.

Dates & Days of the Week That FAH Published YouTube sketches

2009 Sketch (1) [1 Thursday]

Green Issues: July 23, 2009: Thursday

2010 Sketch (1)

The Disco: December 7, 2010: Tuesday

2011 Sketches (3) [1 Thursday]

John & Tim: October 24, 2011: Monday

Filming Illegally in a Cinema: October 24, 2011: Monday

iPhone Apps: December 8, 2011: Thursday

2012 Sketches (15) [4 Thursdays]

Celebrity Lock Up: January 27, 2012: Friday

FAH Dublin Fringe: September 11, 2012: Tuesday

FAH Introduce Boy / Tape/ Face: September 24, 2012: Monday

It’s Good to Talk: September 26, 2012: Wednesday

Bookshop: November 15, 2012: Thursday

FAH Supermarket Policy: November 15, 2012: Thursday

Tennis: November 22, 2012: Thursday

Hotel Fort: November 27, 2012: Tuesday

Brennans Bread: November 29, 2012: Wednesday

Upskilling: December 4, 2012: Tuesday

Budget: December 7, 2012: Friday

Voice Recognition: December 11, 2012: Tuesday

Band Accounts: December 18, 2012: Tuesday

FAH Christmas Party: December 19, 2012: Wednesday

Hashtag (original): December 20, 2012: Thursday

2013 Sketches (32) [15 Thursdays]

Umm 1: January 8, 2013: Tuesday

Ceol Agus Ol: January 11, 2013: Friday

Excuses: January 15, 2013: Tuesday

Heineken Parody: February 8, 2013: Friday

Business Squash: February 12, 2013: Tuesday

Perspectives: February 17, 2013: Sunday

Ex-Pope: February 28, 2013: Thursday

Business Dudes 1 (Heroin): April 1, 2013: Monday

Dole Moments: May 28, 2013: Tuesday

Cinema Seating: June 4, 2013: Tuesday

Hair Cut: June 6, 2013: Thursday

Cinema Food: June 13, 2013: Thursday

The Vet: June 18, 2013: Tuesday

He’s His Own Worst Enemy: July 18, 2013: Thursday

Business Dudes 2 (Newspapers): July 25, 2013: Thursday

FAH Guide to Performing/Fringe: August 7, 2013: Wednesday

Interview with Foil & La Bullshat: October 1, 2013: Tuesday

Baby Head Clamp: October 1, 2013: Tuesday

Hard Lads 1: October 7, 2013: Monday

FAH: New Employee: October 10, 2013: Thursday

Hard Lads 2 (The Meeting): October 15, 2013: Tuesday

The Chairheads: October 17, 2013: Thursday

Samaritans: October 31, 2013: Thursday

Business Dudes 3 (Punchy Face): November 7, 2013: Thursday

Balloon Dance: November 12, 2013: Tuesday

Umm 2: November 14, 2013: Thursday [PM time / unknown]

Ceol Agus Ol 2: November 28, 2013: Thursday

The Morning After: December 5, 2013: Thursday

Babies: December 12, 2013: Thursday [8:00 pm]

Modern Rhyming Slang: December 19, 2013: Thursday

Dublin Airport Emotional Arrival: December 23, 2013: Monday

Ryanair Song: December 26, 2013: Thursday

2014 Sketches (13) [4 Thursdays]

Things That Are Difficult: January 2, 2014: Thursday

The Narcissistic Song Collection: January 10, 2014: Friday

Movie OMG: February 7, 2014: Friday

Dog Years: February 18, 2014: Tuesday

Space Mission from Hell: May 1, 2014: Thursday

Luas Tannoy in Real Life: May 7, 2014: Wednesday

Victim Confronts / School Bully: May 16, 2014: Friday

Festival Tickets: August 28, 2014: Thursday

Dermot & Dave’s New Show: September 2, 2014: Tuesday

The Communion Dealer: September 30, 2014: Tuesday

The Priest (Hard Lads): October 19, 2014: Sunday

Renting in the City: November 3, 2014: Monday

Business Dudes 4: December 18, 2014: Thursday

2015 Sketches (33) [21 Thursdays]

Business Dudes 5: January 8, 2015: Thursday

Inconvenience Store Robbery: January 18, 2015: Sunday

TV3 / Humblebrag: January 28, 2015: Wednesday

Driving Instructor: January 29, 2015: Thursday

The Power of Marketing: February 5, 2015: Thursday

Kerryman Gives Directions (w/horse): February 11, 2015: Wednesday

Out-Takes Vol 1: February 19, 2015: Thursday

Quickie Cash: February 26, 2015: Thursday

Movie Voice Syndrome: March 5, 2015: Thursday

Gaelic Flurt: March 14, 2015: Saturday

Modern Small Talk: March 19, 2015: Thursday

50 Irish Towns: March 27, 2015: Friday

A Very Irish Film (trailer): April 9, 2015: Thursday

Life Hacks: April 17, 2015: Friday

Problems with the UK: April 23, 2015: Thursday

50 UK Towns: April 30, 2015: Thursday

Visiting Gran 1: May 7, 2015: Thursday

Our Top 10 Vines: May 29, 2015: Friday

Festival Knob: June 11, 2015: Thursday

Phone A&E: July 16, 2015: Thursday

Post-Festival Makeup: July 23, 2015: Thursday

FAH vs Vending Machine: July 31, 2015: Friday

Freshers Week: October 16, 2015: Friday

Everyone Hates Dublin: October 19, 2015: Monday

Dying of Laughter: October 29, 2015: Thursday

The Internet Café: November 5, 2015: Thursday

Hard Lads 5 (The Girl): November 12, 2015: Thursday

Never Take an Irish Person Literally: November 19, 2015: Thursday

How to Speak Dublin: December 3, 2015: Thursday

Getting Out of Shape for Christmas: December 12, 2015: Saturday

Ceol Agus Ol 3: December 14, 2015: Monday

Staying for the Credits: December 17, 2015: Thursday

New Year’s Resolutions: December 31, 2015: Thursday

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Sensodine Commercial (parody): January 7, 2016

Outtakes Vol 2: January 14, 2016

20th Century Curtains: January 15, 2016: Friday

Border Control (Live): January 21, 2016

Skype Interview Fail: January 28, 2016

Election Time in Ireland: February 4, 2016

Matt Warehouse: February 11, 2016

Expressions College: February 18, 2016

Dole Moments: February 25, 2016

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Bad Sign Language: March 10, 2016

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Behind the Scenes (the Edit): May 19, 2016

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Cork Man on a Quiz Show: September 8, 2016

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