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The Lorilie Atkinson Memorial Prize


This inaugural prize in Lorilie’s memory is established to honor her gifted and humorous writing in the genre of flash fiction.  


Lorilie Atkinson (1978 – 2022)

We lost a friend, a fahn, and a gifted writer far too soon.  But we are extraordinarily blessed to still have her “voice” with us in the form of her first-place winning entries in the 2021 & 2022 FlAsH Fiction writing contests.  Moreover, in her two Statements of Inspiration, we have her views and insights into her own creative process.  Lorilie’s writing is a striking testament to FAH and FAHn fiction, as she draws readers into her original prose and laugh out loud descriptions of Hog’s character, the Snob, in her story, “The Snob on the Run.” Her eclectic writing gifts can further be seen in how she tackles the subject of Sudocrem in her poem, “An Open Letter to the Makers of Sudocrem.”  We also have her wonderful short story about one of FAH’s most used wigs, “The Wronged Wig Cuts Twice” and her insightful introduction to that guest blog post from August 23, 2021.  In all, these three original pieces of writing show the range and artistry of an author and a FAHn who offered us wonderful opportunities to laugh!  


Genre: Humor



  • FAHns may submit in either category: short stories and/or poetry.  The subject matter must have something to do with the following:

  • single FAH character; preference will be given to original stories concerning the Snob.

  • Any of FAH’s props, including anything they might have been used in Patreon posts, sketches, or previous filmed live shows.  The prop must be something that was seen on camera and shown to an audience and therefore be recognizable. Please do not reference or write about props used in their current live show, Hogwash.

  • Any makeup product that FAH has used in their sketches. Especially anything in the line of creating "old people" or mustaches, moles, beauty spots, blood, scary characters, etc. 


Eligibility: All FAHns across the world may submit to this prize category.

Judging:  Judges will make a decision about this prize based on the criteria above and the quality of the writing.  


Prize: itjes_drawings has graciously offered the winning fahn a FAH portrait of their choosing.  The timeline of awarding this prize will be between the winner and the artist, who promises an original A4 size, pencil drawing of Foil or Arms or Hog.  

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