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For the interviews, I wanted only those pieces that contain material that bring to light information about the group itself, or individual members, or insights into their life, creative process, how they write, their experiences with comedy, or anything else that provides personal or professional information about the trio. These are not reviews of their live shows.   


These interviews are in all formats: print, video, podcast, radio.  They are listed chronologically. Click on the highlighted word to go to the original interview. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to add to this list; I will also add to it as more interviews become available or I unearth more in my research.

2020 Interviews

“Foil Arms & Hog: It’s So Much Harder to Write for Stage so We Have to Put Way More Effort In.” Brown, Keira. The Fountain (January 10, 2020). 


“Foil, Arms and Hog talk about their latest show, Swines.” Northern Life (January 10, 2020). 

"Going Live." Hennessy, David. Irish World (February 11, 2020). 


“Foil, Arms and Hog interview (Irish sketch comedy group)." ComedySnaps. YouTube video (Feb. 16, 2020). 

"Viral Irish comedy trio with over 73 million YouTube views reveal writing process." Bickerton, James.  Express (Feb. 16, 2020). 

"Comedy Trio Foil Arms and Hog Talk New Show." Richardson, Andy.  Express & Star  (April 17, 2020).

2019 Interviews

“Internet comedy sensations Foil Arms & Hog are Craicling live.” Thomason, Carmel. Quays Life (Feb. 26, 2019). 

"10 Questions with Foil Arms and Hog." Total Ntertainment.  (March 7, 2019).

"Foil, Arms & Hog: 'There's no money in the YouTube channel.'" Donaldson, Brian.  The List (March 8, 2019).

“Dublin comedy trio set to overdose on craic.” Hennessy, David. Irish Echo [Australia]; (March 22, 2019). 

Photograph copyright by Dublin photographer Luca Truffarelli (

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