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Foil Arms and Hog Interview: May 13, 2021

This interview took about 5.5 weeks to organize from when I first asked Foil if he would consider letting me interview FAH, in the same vein that I had interviewed fahns for the Ode to the FAHns series. I suggested that I send the lads some questions that I would then post on my website for viewers, but Foil offered a live interview and who was I to say no to that!  Initially, he told me that it would take a couple of months before they would be able to meet but then suddenly he said May 13th as a possible date and here we are.  I waited until the FlAsH Fiction Contest was over to post this so that it could take pride of place on my website and be easily found by fahns.  

The interview was supposed to run about 45 minutes, but as any viewer can see we went for 1 hour and 22 minutes.  I had prepared 15 questions, hoping to get to about half of them, but I got to them all, plus a lot more.  

We lost Arms at 5:32pm (as Hog so graciously tells us), but then Foil and Hog hung on to answer more of my questions and we had a very interesting conversation.  To be able to interview the very people who I support and whose comedy I adore is an incredible experience and I'm so grateful to FAH for agreeing to meet with me over zoom and to answer all of my questions with such gracious honesty.  Many thanks to them, as well, for their generosity and the time they gave up on a Thursday afternoon to let me interview them for my website and fahns! 

I discovered after the fact that it is simply not possible to subtitle split screens easily. I have transcribed this interview to the best of my ability.  This took forever (I mean months) because it was such a long interview. I've worked very hard to get everything right and to adequately represent the lads and all that they said.  I just want to point out that FAH really listened to my questions and paid a lot of attention to exactly what I asked and why. They were very thorough in responding to me.  They also listened to one another, though at points they talked through, over, and at the same time as the other lad and it was hard to hear what an individual was saying in certain moments. 


I know the interview extraordinarily well now.  Even so, there were words that I just couldn't make out at the time or even now after listening to it over and over again.  I hope that the transcript HERE (which is extraordinarily long) will help people understand everything FAH and I are saying in the actual interview.  However, it's just a fun read as well.  

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