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© Barbara Tilley

All rights reserved

The first FAH Mystery Novel

FAH and the Case of Warehouse 1

FAHnvid made by an Anonymous fahn

Chapters 1 - 4

Swines Detective Agency


A Meeting with Big Sam


Chapters 5 - 8


Three Friends



Chapters 9 - 12

Arms & His Mistress

Bella &  Charlie Martin

FAH Meet to Discuss the Case

The Case that Wasn't

Chapters 13 - 16

Bella Goes Missing

Peeling Back the Layers of the Case

The Port of Los Angeles

The Hospital

Chapters 17 - 20

A Twist in the Case

Big Sam's Dark Secrets

Arms's Rage Leads to Clarity

Bette Offers Foil Salvation

Chapters 21 - 24

The Frolic Room

A Reveal at the Poker Table

Foil Returns

Warehouse 1

Chapters 25 - 28

Cold Storage Furs

Bella's Nightmare

A Smuggler's Paradise

A Tale of Two Thugs

Chapters 29 - 32

Foil Finds Alice

Foil's Revenge

The Empress

The Killing Room

Chapters 33 - 36

The Ethics of a Kiss

Bella & Jack

Hog Flushes Out Evil

Alice Finds Her Strength

Chapters 37 - 40

Saved By a Kiss

Hog, the Soldier

Three Paths Converge

The End of the Line

Chapters 41 - 43

Bella Goes Home



© Steven Gallagher 2011


This novel was inspired by the writing and comedy brilliance of Foil Arms and Hog.  I began writing this at the beginning of August 2020 and finished it mid-October in the same year.  I want to say a special "thank you" to the fahns who talked to me about the plot and helped me to make several significant changes in the way that I created the FAH characters.  I'm thankful for my friends in the UK who read advanced chapters and gave much helpful feedback.  And finally, I am especially grateful to Foil for giving me his blessing and reading the entire novel!  

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