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Foil Arms and Hog Crossword Puzzle

There are 48 questions in this crossword puzzle. Some are hard, others easy and still others are in the medium range. The puzzle is eclectic; in other words, it has references to all aspects of FAH, but it is very heavy on sketches. 

The puzzle is interactive and is able to be played online.  There are three places to scroll. At the top right side, it is possible to scroll so that you can see the puzzle itself and at the bottom right side, it is possible to scroll to see the "down" hints.  In the middle of the page you can scroll to see the "across" hints.

To fill in a word click on the number (it turns blue) and use your keyboard to fill in the letters.  

At the bottom of the puzzle's page (in the white square) are three black lines.  Click on these and you will see that it is possible to zoom in and out, print the puzzle, and clear the puzzle to start over. 


I have all the answers, so write to me if you need a hint ( 

Have fun!

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