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FAH Interview October 6, 2022

When I met FAH for the first time in person (or just Foil and Arms) in Dublin on April 15, 2022, I asked them if I could have another interview and they both said yes and Arms suggested May or June.  In London on April 29th when I saw FAH live again, I spoke to Foil about when he wanted to schedule the 2nd interview.  Foil's advice to me was "keep writing us". At the time, they were super busy and he wasn't sure when they could meet, though he suggested June or July.  So, I set the task of writing to them weekly beginning in May.  


The thing about emailing FAH is that you have to be incredibly patient and Foil is right, you have to keep at it. After emailing for 6 weeks straight, I finally heard from Foil who offered a date of September 12th. Unfortunately, this date came and went without word from FAH.  So, I went back to writing them and on my second email - a week apart - I heard from Foil about a date (but no time.) Then this week of October 3rd, I wrote to them again and basically gave them an out, but suggested that they choose a time if they could do it.  Foil replied: October 6th at 2:00pm their time / 8 AM my time (so appropriate since this is the #fahnartchallenge word for today!) 

I never doubted that Foil would follow through on the promise of an interview, I just didn't know when it would happen. I know that he is a man of high integrity and he was always going to do it.  Since I have known that an interview will take place, I've been watching all the live streams on Patreon.  And I prepared 15 questions for the day. Then when I knew that I was going to be talking to them before their own live stream and I wasn't sure how much time they would let me have, I narrowed down the questions to 9 sure fire ones and several alternates. I got to 14 of my questions - these included some alternates - and also a few more that I threw in as I was talking to FAH.  

The recording is rough, but worth it, I think. You see me at the beginning and at the end.  And we couldn't have a FAH interview without technical difficulties (on their side, not mine) and these just make me laugh, as you'll see.  I hope you all - my subscribers - enjoy this first look at the interview. I'll probably leave it up here for about two weeks (until the 20th of October) and then post it to my YouTube channel for the rest of the world to watch.   

To get the full effect of the video make sure to hit "enter full screen."  Also, sometimes the sound isn't great because I'm working with a very low tech computer (MacBook Air) and the Zoom recording system.  I feel like it's similar to when Foil says, "we're watching on a phone, this isn't a big budget thing" when they introduce their top ten videos at the end of the 2020 year.  We all do our best with what we have; I'm just thankful that FAH agreed to meet with me and to do a second interview at all.  They were (and are) incredibly kind to give over their time to let me ask them a bunch of questions that are very eclectic.    

I've also included the interview "podcast" in case anyone wants to listen to FAH instead of watching the video.  

Just as an aside: Foil mentions the interview in their live stream (today, Oct. 6th) in relation to the headphones they're wearing. But, of course, he doesn't say it was me they were talking to.  Still, this makes me super happy that he was even thinking about it after the fact.  

Foil Arms and Hog Invterview (podcast) October 6, 2022
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