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The Lads


Foil is Seán Finegan born August 24.  At UCD he studied architecture.

Foil sings, but as he has made clear in several interviews, he never had any formal training as a singer.  He has a nice baritone range.  


He plays the guitar and keyboards, and is often the only one of the trio who plays an instrument during their live shows.

He is a Virgo.

He has done an ad for McDonald's.  

He was in a short film called Corrigendum (2014), which has a brilliantly funny ending.

There are several videos rolling around on YouTube of Foil when he was younger, here's one: Where Did Dramsoc Come From?


When FAH wrote and performed “a play based on Father Ted” at UCD, Foil played Bishop Brennan (Northern Life, Jan. 10, 2020).  

Foil hates karaoke, seemingly with his whole heart and soul, as he declares to Arms and Hog, "for many reasons, for one it's so base" ('Non-Branded Tower Game'). 


He also hates fish.  He is emphatic about this in the "Parents When You're Sick" video when Hog sneaks in some cod liver oil.  Foil is clearly disgusted and declares: "It's like pure fish. I hate fish." It really couldn't be any clearer.  

At one point in an interview Foil claimed to like Rooibos tea, no milk, or as he so eloquently put it in a 2015 interview, "cow juice" (WiredFM).  However, he has since made it very clear that he does not drink coffee or tea, and in fact drinks no caffeine at all.  

Foil loves punk rock music, especially the American band NOFX and the women's punk band Bad Cop Bad Cop. 

Foil FAHn Photos & Videos 


Arms is Conor McKenna born August 24 in Luxembourg.  At UCD he studied genetics.  He might have gone on to take a PhD, working on tuberculosis in badgers, or so he said in a 2015 interview.  

Arms sings and it is clear that he is a strong tenor with an excellent range. He plays the tin whistle and has done so in the live shows, and evidently he also plays the cello (as seen in the New Year's Resolution video from Dec. 31, 2015).  

He has done stand-up comedy.  

He is a Virgo.

He has done several commercials for McDonnell's Curry Sauce.  

There are several videos rolling around on YouTube of Arms when he was younger, here are two: Conor Gets Theatrical (Again), Dramsoc Awards 2009 Committee sketch (head's up, strong profanity). 

In the Father Ted play he performed with Foil and Hog at UCD, Arms played Father Ted.

He also had a part in the play 12 Angry Men, put on by UCD's Dramsoc (2009). Here is a wonderful video by Ste Murray showing a very (very) young Conor McKenna.  


Arms’ favorite Simpson’s character is Principle Skinner.  


Arms loves karaoke, as he says to Foil “I do quite love it” (‘Non-Branded Tower Game’).  

Arms evidently has “flipplin’ loads” of allergies; he can’t take aspirin because he breaks out in “boils.” And he is also allergic to MSG.  

He has worked as a lifeguard.  

Arms has done lots of voice work.  Here is something of his from the Volcanic Voice Talent Agency.  

Arms FAHn Photos & Videos


Hog is Seán Flanagan born May 24 in Dublin.  At UCD he studied civil engineering and worked on designing and creating badger tunnels under motorways.  


He also knows a lot about bats and bat tunnels and can talk a mean streak about how they fly along the hedgerows and follow a line of sight to find their tunnels.  Amazing stuff.

Hog sings and has a baritone vocal range.  He has sung in choirs and is very good with harmonies. He plays the guitar, drums, the bodhrán and the triangle.

He is a Gemini.

He has done stand-up comedy, and in a February 2020 interview said that he started watching stand-up when he was very young.  


He has been in several short films. One that is a lot of fun is called The Heist (2016).  And then there's a great little film called Robbie Walsh's: A Day in the Life of a Pint.  

In the Father Ted play that Hog wrote for himself and his friends at UCD, he played the character Dougal.

According to an interview with Arms in 2020, Hog has “got perfect Irish.” 

There are several videos rolling around on YouTube of Hog when he was  younger, here are two: Dramsoc Awards 2008 Intro Video, Meteor Christmas Ad. 

Hog attended Ballinteer Community School in Dublin, Ireland.  

A social cause that Hog supported: Calcutta Connect

Hog was a student at the Young People's Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. 


One of the lads is an uncle and has a nephew, but the author never makes clear who is talking about this in the article ("10 Questions with . . . Foil Arms and Hog, TotalNtertainment: March 7, 2019).  Here is a 2010 film with all three lads: The Departed.  This "song" was one that FAH has described as something that they hated doing at the time and that they would never do again: "RaboDirect ad." Ste Murray, who has photographed FAH in the past, shows them in his video "Photography & Design 2013" at 1:30. 

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