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Poetry: Special Category


This year, in the 3rd annual FlAsH Fiction writing contest, I am adding a bi-lingual poetry category.


I wanted to shine a light on the incredible language diversity that we have in our fahndom community and I thought this would be a very interesting way to do so.  FAH, as well, have included the language of the country in which they are performing in their shows, dazzling audiences with their mis-pronunciations or their quick wit in the home language of their fahns.  


It's been a real joy to see FAH embrace diversity in language, as they become more popular all over the world.  So, I think it only appropriate to broaden the poetry category and include other languages.  


There will be ONE winner in this special category.  The winner will receive a prize of FAH merch and they will also be published on Academicfahn’s website.  


There is a bi-lingual poem already written by one of this year’s judges, Martina Straetz (AKA Martina McCormack): “Beethoven hat mein Deutsch kaputt gemacht.”  Please read it for both the pure joy of the piece and as an excellent example of a bi-lingual poem.  


If you have any questions about this special category, please don’t hesitate to reach out to:  

Bi-Lingual Poetry Guidelines

  • Every piece of FlAsH poetry should be 25 lines or less (including the title, if applicable) and can be either fiction or non-fiction.  That is, it's entirely possible to write a poem about a FAH character or sketch or a prop for fictional content.  It is also possible to write about a personal experience in the fahndom or with FAH, or a reaction to a stream, or a live show, or anything that seems pertinent to expressing oneself in a poem on a personal level.  

  • Like FlAsH fiction, the subject matter of the poetry should relate entirely to FAH and their range of materials on various sites, including but not limited to Patreon, interviews, video clips on YouTube, etc.

  • It should be clear in the poem that it is FAH focused.  For example: just using the word “Thursday” in a poem in no way says anything about FAH or their canon of comedy.

  • Poetry can be in rhyme or free verse. Poems can be funny or serious. Poems can be in any format, as long as it is clear that the poem is indeed a poem.  

  • Lines of poetry should be clear and recognizable and be fictional or non-fictional (personal.)  

  • The bi-lingual poem should be written in no more than two languages, one being English AND the other being any non-English language.  This DOES NOT have to be the writer’s mother tongue.  

  • There is no minimum requirements for either language, but it is imperative that there be linguistic balance in the use of the two languages in the poem.

  • The bi-lingual poem MUST be submitted with an entirely English translation.  Poems without translations will be automatically disqualified.

  • Please make every effort to proofread your writing to the best of your ability.   

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