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Video of Arms taken by Martina in the alleyway outside of Vicar Street, Dublin, on December 5, 2022. 

Martina Arms December 5, 2021 Vicar Street.png

Martina & Arms: December 5, 2021 at Vicar Street, Dublin.

Miri Arms December 4, 2021 Vicar Street.png

Miri & Arms: December 4, 2021 in the alleyway at Vicar Street, Dublin.


Barbara (Academicfahn) & Arms: After the show at the meet & greet in The Pabst Theatre. Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 16, 2022.

Jenny C & Arms Vicar Street December 5, 2021.png

Jenny & Arms: In the alleyway at Vicar Street, Dublin, December 2021. 

Arms & Nadine Bristol Old Vic 2019_edited.jpg

Nadine & Arms: Bristol Old Vic, May 2019. 

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