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About Me

Thinking and writing about ideas, analyzing issues, and exploring different subjects, including the weird, unpredictable, sometimes very emotional, often bizzarly brilliant and hysterical comedy of three Irish guys from Dublin make me extraordinarily happy.

I've positioned myself as an "academic fahn" because that is my professional training and it influences how I relate to and think about FAH's comedy.  

I have two degrees in English (BA, MA) and a PhD in Victorian studies; 25 years of teaching experience, and a range of publications have led me down a path of exploring a wide variety of interests.   I have a deep appreciation for eclectic humor, international food cultures, music of every genre, and all types of writing. 



I hope that this Fahntastically Unofficial site will open up new communication among and between FAH fans.  Please subscribe to my blog posts, and consider writing something for the site so that we can continue to grow this fabulous, interesting, diverse, and creative community of people who love the comedy art of Foil Arms and Hog.

My dog Pudge is my Fahntastically Unofficial partner in crime. He's quite taken with FAH and especially loves their pig logo . . . bacon anyone?


People Lover & Heart of Gold

Like Foil Arms and Hog, Pudge has lots of nicknames: Pudgeeboy, Pudge-orama, Pudgee Mo-mo, Pugo, Pudgemeister, and Bubby.  He loves children, adventure, and food in that order.  And he has a great sense of humor.

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