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2nd Annual FlAsH Fiction Writing Contest


The contest runs for one month: May 1 - May 31, 2022.

Final entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm U.S. Central time on May 31st.


FAHns from all over the world may submit their work.  


Categories: short stories & poetry


3 winners in each category (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) 

2 Honorable Mentions in each category


Winners and Honorable Mentions will be contacted after June 15th.

All winners will be announced across social media sites by June 30th (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  *Winners can choose to be listed by their social media handle, anonymous, or by their real names. 


Winners and Honorable Mentions will be published on Academicfahn’s website with permission of the author.


Submission Guidelines (Foil: “the guidelines are our friend”)


Short Story

  • All short stories should be 1500 words or less.

  • FAH focused flash fiction should engage the reader quickly and present an interesting, emotional or funny story that is relatable and clearly has something to do with the range of FAH material available via YouTube, Patreon, etc.  

  • A short story (ideally) has a beginning, middle and end; a story arc, in other words.  The characters go somewhere, do something compelling, or show action that is provocative or at the very least thoughtful.

  • A short story should show more than it tells.  The reader needs to “be” in the narrative immediately because this is a short story, after all.

  • It should have a strong and clear narrative voice: first person, omniscient, third person, etc.

  • A good explanatory title that has something to do with the narrative.  In other words, it should relate to the plot of the story. 

  • Please make every effort to proofread your writing to the best of your ability.  


Short stories are NOT scripts.  All script submissions will be disqualified from the writing contest.   



  • Every piece of FlAsH poetry should be 25 lines or less and can be either fiction or non-fiction.  That is, it's entirely possible to write a poem about a FAH character or sketch or a prop for fictional content.  It is also possible to write about a personal experience in the fahndom or with FAH, or a reaction to a stream, or a live show, or anything that seems pertinent to expressing oneself in a poem on a personal level.  

  • Like FlAsH fiction, the subject matter of the poetry should relate entirely to FAH and their range of materials on various sites, including but not limited to Patreon, interviews, video clips on YouTube, etc.

  • It should be clear in the poem that it is FAH focused.  For example: just using the word Thursday in a poem in no way says anything about FAH or their canon of comedy.

  • Poetry can be in rhyme or free verse. Poems can be funny or serious. Poems can be in any format, as long as it is clear that the poem is indeed a poem.  

  • Lines of poetry should be clear and recognizable and be fictional or non-fictional (personal.)  

  • Please make every effort to proofread your writing to the best of your ability.   


Subjects of FlAsH Fiction 


Any and all characters in FAH's sketches can be written about in the short story and poetry categories.  Anything FAH related at all, including interviews, advertisements, voiceovers, and anything else that FAH has worked on or published themselves.  

A Special Note: If you've decided to write about Seán Finegan, Conor McKenna, and Seán Flanagan, the story or poem must be respectful, kind and in good taste in order to be considered.  

In writing about anything concerning FAH, their characters, and any details from interviews or the like, we would urge all writers to think wisely about subject matter and what might be appealing to a wide audience of fahns.


Google Form / “Blind” Submissions

This year every effort is being made for the panel of judges [see below] to read “blind” without any identifying information on the short story or poetry submissions.  

Therefore, this year’s contest is being streamlined through the use of a Google form that all participants will fill out in order to submit and be read.  Please make sure that you read every question carefully.  And that you do not include any identifying information on your piece(s) of writing.  

FAHns may submit to BOTH the short story and poetry categories, but ONLY once each.  


Judging pFAHnel (well, we tried . . .)

This year there will be a pFAHnel of judges who will read all submissions, blind.  This will be: Academicfahn, Squirrels for Short and jen_a_c83.


Judging Criteria 

Judges are looking for interesting, unique and compelling short stories and poetry that make them feel something, or laugh, or take them on a journey  somewhere through FAH characters or sketches, interviews, Patreon references, etc.   Poems that reflect personal expressions should engage the reader on an emotional level and be clearly about FAH in some context.


All three judges will read every submission at least twice, fairly and objectively.  This is why every attempt will be made to read submissions "blind." 


This is a FAH endorsed and supported contest.  There will be prizes for the winners (1st, 2nd, & 3rd).  FAH will decide prizes by the end of June and winners will receive them (probably) no later than July.  


Permission to Post Winners / Honorable Mentions

Every piece of writing submitted has the potential of winning and, therefore, authors need to give permission to post winning work on Academicfahn’s website.  Please make sure you answer this question on the Google form when submitting your piece(s). 


Any questions, concerns, worries, and queries should be addressed to

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