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2019 Interviews Continued

"Exclusive Interview: Foil, Arms & Hog Comedy Trio." Storrar, Stewart. Student Pages (March 26, 2019).

“Foil, Arms & Hog: Sean Finegan is One Third of the Laughs.” Rose, Anna. Scenestr (March 29, 2019). 

“Foil, Arms & Hog: Craic-Ling.” Staff Writer. City Hub [Sydney, Australia]; (April 17, 2019).

“No One Knows How the Beast Works”: Foil, Arms & Hog, Rebecca Northan and More Tell Us What It’s Really Like to Be in The Fringe.” Nora, Kate. Broadway Baby (Sept. 11, 2019). 

“’Arms is still trying to untangle the lights from last year.’” Murphy, Lauren. The Irish Times (Nov. 22, 2019). 

“Foil Arms & Hog Perform A Breathtaking Brexit Ballad.” Griffin, Stewart. (Dec. 13, 2019). 

“Foil Arms & Hog play our Non-Branded Falling Tower Game.” entertainmentie. YouTube video (Dec. 16, 2019).  

“Foil Arms and Hog delight the Big Breakfast with “The Brexit Song.” The Ray Foley Show. 98FM [Episode 61; count down from the top of the page]  (Dec. 17, 2019).  


"Interview with Foil, Arms, and Hog's Sean Finegan. " Lee, Veronica. (Dec. 19,2019). 

“Foil Arms and Hog in studio.” Mara, Trina. Classic Hits 94 – 105FM (December 23, 2019). 

2018 Interviews

“The fun boy three.” Murphy, Lauren.  The Times (January 7, 2018). [need to subscribe to access the entire article]. 

“Irish Comedy Group Foil Arms & Hog On Their New Show.” TodayFM (January 14, 2018). 

"Interview: Foil Arms and Hog, Oink." Moody, Becca. Moody Comedy (March 2, 2018). 


“Foil, Arms & Hog.” Hawkins, Si. British Comedy Guide (March 15, 2018). 

“A sit down with . . . Foil, Arms & Hog.” Fetherston, Sinann. (Nov. 8, 2018). 

2017 Interviews

“Comedy Trio Foil Arms and Hog give some advice.” Highlights from the Green Room. (March 13, 2017).


“Internet sensations Foil Arms and Hog Reveal plans for making a film.” Austin, Cathal. Dublin Live (April 23, 2017). 

“Foil Arms and Hog on Its Steady Rise Up the Comedy Ranks.” Conway, John. University Times (May 1, 2017).

“Interview with Kilkenny Cats Laugh act Foil Arms and Hog.” Mooney, Gillian. Kilkenny People (May 12, 2017). 

“Celeb V Pleb – Foil, Arms & Hog.” Al Porter. TodayFM (August 24, 2017). 


“Interview: Foil Arms & Hog.” Gent, Emma. Motley (Sept. 15, 2017).

“Foil, Arms & Hog And An Absolutely Epic Sketch.” Dermot and Dave. TodayFM (October 27, 2017). 


“Foil, Arms and Hog.” Rigsy. BBC Radio Ulster (Nov. 25, 2017). 

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