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Free Palestine! Free Palestine! Free Palestine! 

If you have arrived to this page Academicfahn is no longer here. 

I have run this website on the platform WIX. I am joining the boycott of this company and have dismantled my entire website because of the following reasons:

The CEO of WIX, Avishai Abraham is a Zionist who supports the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He is channeling money into the genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinian people. 

I will not be rebuilding the Academicfahn website on another platform. It's been a good run! But I've decided to retire the website and its content permanently. 

Thanks so much to all of my subscribers, readers, FAHns, and the general public who visited my site and supported me during the last 4 years. 


It's been a great experience supporting FAH and the FAHn community!



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